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Blue Lake Printworks License Agreement

1. Thank you for purchasing photographs from Blue Lake Printworks. Please take the time to read the terms and conditions below and if you have any questions you can contact Blue Lake Printworks during business hours on (08) 8725 9198 or email

2. Images are to be used solely and explicitly for the requested use only.

3. Permission must be gained from Blue Lake Printworks for each use of the digital photographic images supplied.

4. When applying for permission you will need to supply the following information:
· Name
· Address
· Phone Number
· Email Address
· Project Name
· Project Type
· Distribution (how many copies)
· Size Required
· Resolution (up to 300dpi)

5. Applications can be sent either to:

6. Blue Lake Printworks
121 Commercial Street West
Mount Gambier SA 5290

or contact us through the website.

7. Additional Royalty
Additional fees may be charged depending on the type of use and an excess in distribution.

8. An acknowledgment of images with the words copyright and supplied by Kelvin Ruge Blue Lake Printworks or is required.

9. If CD’s with images in electronic form are supplied the disk containing the images shall be returned to Blue Lake Printworks upon completion of the project.

10. No image may be reproduced or resold commercially for profit.

11. Any unauthorised or misleading use of the images will be seen as breeching copyright and Blue Lake Printworks will determine what charges will apply.

12. All Blue Lake Printworks images are protected by copyright and therefore are the property of Blue Lake Printworks. You may make one backup copy and have hardcopy prints as proofs.

Prints (framed or unframed)

1. All prints come with a border including a description of the photograph, the copyright notice and the signature of the photographer.

2. Under no circumstances are you to remove or cover up this information.

3. You are welcomed to trim or laminate prints to fit into the required size of the frame so long as this information is still visible.

4. Available prints can be resold only under an agreement with Blue Lake Printworks. Prints cannot be reproduced and sold as other products such as keyrings, postcards or posters. All these products are available directly from Blue Lake Printworks.

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